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Rules for ranking up in this academy.
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 Rules for ranking up in this academy.

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PostSubject: Rules for ranking up in this academy.   #1

Rules For Ranking Up.

Welcome new recruits, This is your Head Master speaking,
I want everyone's stay to be as pleasant as possible.If you have not read the Academy Rules yet please click this link. Academy Rules.

Current List of Proctors:



Look for the Proctors  in the chat box or contact
an administrator or moderator for further instructions on
ranking up.

                                                How does it work.

This system is EXP based meaning Moving up to dorms will challenge your skills as a duelist only the best will become Armityle Chaos Purple. EXP can be earned by tournaments and or Battle city. Special cases can be met in events Hosted by Administrators with permission from and Supreme Administrator.

                                   How much EXP is needed

Every member starts out at Uria Red then gradually moving up in ranks to
become a Hamon Yellow you will need at least 300 EXP
the complete ranking list will be bellow.

Uria Red - 0 EXP

Hamon Yellow - 300 EXP

Raviel Blue - 600 EXP

Armityle Chaos Purple - 900 EXP

                                    Guide To Ranking UP!

Ok ok so we learned what EXP point's are and how they are used now your wondering how in the @#%@ do i get them well it's simple by going to battle city and posting a duel request or joining a request for every victory you will gain 10 EXP so if you won 30 duels in a row that would mean you have gain 300 EXP which would result in 30-0-0 in your win loss ratio for every draw you receive that will result in 0 EXP for every loss you receive will result in -5 EXP


Tournaments will be hosted by proctors every few weeks proctors can join or monitor the tournaments first place victories will receive 100 EXP second place will receive 60 EXP 3rd place will receive 30 EXP participants who came in 4 through 6 will gain 5 exp. There will also be a double EXP week it is random. this is the complete guide to ranking up in Elite Duel Academy X i hope you enjoy your stay here Smile


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Subject: Re:

Rules for ranking up in this academy.


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