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Rank Duels
u should watch/sub to this person
What are we going to do?
Rank Duels Results
Purchased Store Items Can Be Located Here
Color Theme Time
Rules for ranking up in this academy.
Hello i am hazmah
An Important Announcement about WoA
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@ ZeroGravity

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Front Desk

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Introduce your self here.
Academy Rules
Rules For This Academy.
Rank RulesRank Duel Results
Click to read more on dorm placement. You can also review Rank Duel results here.
If you have any suggestions for EDA post here and we'll see what we can do.

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Sat 27 Dec - 0:27
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Armityle Chaos Purple
A Dorm For Our Most Advance Students Who Has Mastered It All,Only The Best May Enter.
Raviel Blue
This is the dorm for the experienced duelists. If you're here, you are one of the best in the academy.
Hamon Yellow
This dorm is for intermediate duelists. With a little help, you can get better in no time.
Uria Red
This is the lowest dorm. If you are here, you are an inexperienced duelist who needs a bit more practice, and you've come to the right place.

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u should watch/sub to this person
Tue 29 Apr - 20:37
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Battle Arena

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Dueling Arena
Here you can duel for DP only small amounts of DP will be gained.
Shadow Arena
All or nothing duel to the end bet you're entire DP hoping to win the DP amount gained and lost is set to the lowest players original DP.
Battle Events
Here members can host time set events such as a live duels or tournaments the license must be purchased at the point shop.
Free Battle
Feel free to challenge anyone to a free duel.No betting of points is allowed.

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First Season Characters Tournament
Tue 17 Sep - 8:06
Rakhalix View latest post

tournament of kings

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Rank Tournament
Show your skillz in our Academy rank tournament. each time we host a rank tournament the top 3 winners will be added to our ranking chart. who will be number.
Season Of Kings
Every season we will host a tournament Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumn and only one can be a season king.
King Of Games
Become our next king of games in our monthly king of games tournament only one will become the next king of games.
Supreme King
Every month we will host the largest tournament in this academy. For the title of Supreme King a tittle given to the truly strong and deserving the title holder for a month will be given super moderator powers.

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Seasons Of Kings-Summer King Tournament Join Now!!!
Thu 10 Oct - 14:48
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Academy Jobs

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Apply for a teachers position here. Administrators may verify your account and may test you accordingly.
Apply for a proctor position here Administrators will review your request and may test you accordingly.
Apply for a coder job. job requires you to have coding knowledge and understanding not many people will be accepted the Council will review your request personally you may receive a message in the mail box of your acceptance if not we are sorry.
Gfx Artist
Apply for an Gfx artist here. Job requires you to be skilled in picture editing the council will review your work when applying post your best Gfx work to receive this job your acceptance may be sent to your mail box.

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I want to be a tester.
Sun 29 Sep - 4:19
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Teacher's Lessons
Academy Teachers Post lessons here in a new thread. members interested in learning that lesson can post a reply or questions towards the lesson being taught.
Testing and quizzes
Teachers can post test and quizzes here in different threads.quizzes can be done in any format the teacher wishes.
As a student you have a right to what you would like to learn. Post what ever YU-GI-OH lesson you would like to learn. Example: decks and strategy also card strategies and how cards should be played. Card rulings ect.
Student Sharing
Have a deck idea or found out about an awesome card post those thoughts here share them among the student body share deck idea's as well. you can also sit back and have discussions about any YU-GI-OH related topics here.

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Thu 10 Oct - 14:31
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Media Center

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51 messages in 6 topics.
Duel Recording
Start a new thread here about your passed duels.You also can post screenshots of duels or video recordings of your best moments.
Youtube account owners can post Accounts/videos here. For additional views and comments for their youtube channel.
Awesome Duels
Ever witnessed an awesome duel but never got to share it with someone. Members can post videos or screen shots of some of their most favorite duels.
Media Sharing
Upload Youtube videos on any subject you would like to share with the academy members. Note this is also a great ways to increase youtube views.

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Adderhead's Recent Videos Thread! (Like, Comment, Subscribe!)
Sat 14 Sep - 23:44
Adderhead View latest post

Shopping center

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Point ShopPurchased Items
Click the icon or text link will take you to our point shop were you can use DP to purchase various items.
Zero's Shop
Here you can purchased items from Zero. Using your activity points earned. Still under construction!
Deck Shop
Here you can start open a deck shop only if the license has been purchased from the point shop.
Gfx Shop
You can set up a Gfx Shop here only if the license has been purchases.

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Purchased Store Items Can Be Located Here
Wed 5 Feb - 10:55
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Card Discussion
Discuss about your card's here.
Deck Discussion
Discuss about your deck's here.
Yu-Gi-Oh card ruling
Discussion about various card rulings submit a post upon a card of your choice.
Banlist Discussion September Banlist
Discuss and share your opinion's on this year's banlist.

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Because brained lizards can crush stupid big lizards Alien-Control
Fri 11 Oct - 9:12
Rakhalix View latest post

Off Topics

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190 messages in 49 topics.
Role Play
refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role.
Fan Fiction & Art
Here you can get creative with fanfiction.
Anime Talk
Talk about your favorite anime's here.
Random Play
Start random topics here about anything.

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this is boring :P
Sat 25 Jan - 16:50
pharaohsgirl View latest post
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