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 Official Academy Guide

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PostSubject: Official Academy Guide   #1

Welcome to the Official Academy Guide.
Here you will learn all you need in order to really enjoy the academy and don't feel lost anymore !

On the top of your screen, you can see the awesome banner of the academy with 4 logos on it :
-Home: Go to the main page,
-Profil: In order to see and edit your profil,
-Mail box : You can check or send private message to others members here,
-Log out : Disconnect from the academy.

At the bottom you have an action box on where you can navigate fast and quite simply on the forum :
-Post since your last visit : Really nice to see the new posts fast and post on it,
You have also : View your post, View unanswered post, mark all forums read, Today's active post, Today's top 20 posters, Overall top 20 posters and Delete forum cookies.

Then if you go down again, you can find a banner, and 12 littles art icons below.
-Daily or Menu action? Who knows...
-Card Of The Week : You can see the card chose by an admin once per week and make some suggestions about it,
-Deck Of The Month : You can see the deck chose by an admin once per month and make some suggestion about it,
-Question's And Answer's : here you can post your questions about the academy or ask for something, Admins will answer you,
-Top Ranking Members : See which members are to the top of the academy,
-Dueling Netword : Connect directly to DN from here,
-Journey to Supreme King and Road to king of the games : The 2 best official tournaments of the academy,
-EDA Official Team : Here you can try the test in order to join the EDX Team,
-Arcade Room : Some games for relax a bit,
-Theater Room : View some movies here,
-Eda Shop : You can spend your points and buy some things.

At the bottom, you have the chatbox where you can discuss with other members.
At the right of the chatbox, you can use your user panel.
At the top of it, you have the most actives topics, top of topic starters and top posters.

Find below the chatbox all the topics :
-Quick access : Go fast to EDX topic, Introductions, Suggestions, Academy rules and Testing rubric by clicking on the little banners,
-Front Desk : The main place of the academy,
-Dormitory : Where all the members have their room,
-Battle Arena : Where the members can duel with some rules or organise unoffical tournaments or other events,
-Tournament of Kings : The official tournaments of the academy will be hosted here,
-Academy Jobs : Here you can try to become a tester, a teacher, a coder or a Gfx artists,
-Classrooms : Members can study and follow the lesson from the teachers here,
-Media Center : Find or post videos and pictures,
-Shopping center : Here you can use your point for buy different things,
-Discussion : Discuss about Yu-Gi-Oh!,
-Off Topic : Discuss about everything here.
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Official Academy Guide


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