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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Academy Rules Icon_minitime#1

Academy Rules

Welcome new recruits, This is your Head Master speaking,
I want everyone's stay to be as pleasant as possible. There will be no bullying, no fighting, if you have issues with another person take it somewhere else, no inappropriate stuff, you know, basic rules.

1) Don’t make unnecessary posts.
   1.1) Don’t make post with only 1 or 2 words (I.E. wtf?, LoL etc). This will counted as spam
   1.2) Don’t insult other members in your posts.
   1.3) Double posting isn't allowed
   1.4) Posting Adult content is forbidden.
   1.5) Bad language isn't allowed.
2) Show respect for Staff AND other members.
3) Advertising via Posts and PM is strictly forbidden. Although you can advertise in your Signature.
4) Backseat modding isn't allowed (If you notice that something is not right you can PM a staff member about it).

Chat Box Rules and slide chat Rules:
1) Bad language is forbidden.
2) Don’t post adult content.
3) Avoid arguments with other members.
4) Don't post huge pictures (Which make's the chat malfunction). When posting large images be sure to ask for permission.
5) Advertising is forbidden.
6) Don’t disrespect Staff and other Members.
7) You MAY NOT post external images into the Chat box with out permission.

Reward's and point system:
1) Mods and admins caught given more points and rewards
than necessary will find their status as mod or admin removed
permanently along with any points allocated over time.

2) There will be no requesting for points of any kind, if you did not
earn it don't ask for it.

3) Administrators are not allowed to use the Zero's store, however you can change your Activity points to any value. 
If for any reason you have lost your admin or mod privileges your entire point system will be set to 0.

4) Activity points in which you earn by doing various
activities such as posting and commenting on topics and being and active 
member and submitting daily attendance and other activities this academy 
has to offer can earn you rewards. 

5) Karma points are earned when members vote for your post among other ways
you can trade these point's in to boost your warnings for every 25 karma points
you can up your warnings by 25%. Warning 100% is the max.

The warning system:
1) Everyone starts at 100% meaning you have the best behavior.
75% - You are still well behaved, everyone makes mistakes. You lose 15% of your current points.

50% - You are now nearing danger level and should reconsider your options and choices you make. You will lose 50% of all points you've received so far.
25% - Final warning. You lose all points and can not participate in any academy events and you can't access the store.
0% - Banned.

2)Mods are permitted to give warnings and ban members, so please keep that in mind when posting. The amount of warnings you receive also varies from the rules broken.

Being an Active member is key to gaining points.

How ever Inactivity we do not tolerate you are Required to log in at least
once a month Failure to do so may result in point lost. or account removal.

As you know we have Inner Teams. With Inner Teams we can do Team Wars.Max teams are 100. Each Team can only have 3 minimum people and 300 maximum people.

Making A Team
When making a Team the following is a must:
-Name of Team (Members who join will get a extra name that is apart from the Team's base name)
-Format (By this I mean how your going to choose members to join your team)
-Team and or Group  license must be purchased at the point Store)

Obviously every team needs a Rank. Every team must have the following:
Leader, Co-leader(Optional), Subs(Optional/Recommended)

If your interested on making a Team make a topic of the Format for choosing members and Ranking in the team, and either an admin or I will approve it.

(Note, this is a way for more organization and so we don't get random posts. Also you can ONLY be in 1 Team.)

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Subject: Re:

Academy Rules


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