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 New Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: New Testing Rubric   #1

Testing Rubric

Elite Duel Academy-X
Initial Placement Exam Rubric

You must be tested to participate in EDAX Events.

If testee disconnects a retest must be given. Note that if the tester is winning it will be and automatic lost for the testee if the testee is winning a retest will be given:

Current List of Testers:



Look for the testers in the chat box or contact
an administrator or moderator

Section I
Ban decks

The following decks may not be used:

•  Chain Burn
•  Exodia
•  Final Countdown
•  FTK

Section II
Deck Build

Testees begin with 10 points.

•  Tier 1 Meta    -4 points
    Mermail           Geargia-Karakuri
    Bujins              Constellars
    Hieratics          Harpies


•  Tier 2 Meta    -3 points
    Fire Fists         Infernity
    Agents             Noble Knights
    Chronomally     Dark Worlds

•  Tier 3 Meta    -2 points
    Dragons               Madolche
    BlackWings          Six Samurais

•  -1 point for every card past 40 count.

Section III
Match Duel

Testees begin with 30 points

Lost match x-x-v                    -30p
Lost match o-x-x or x-o-x       -20p 
Won match o-x-o or x-o-o       -10p
Won match o-o-v                    -0p

o = Wins
x= Loses
v= Void Duel.

Section IV
Duelist's Momentum

Testees begin with 15 points
   Scoring in the negatives is possible.

•  -1p for EACH misplay.
    Moves that are accidental, commonly due to forgetfulness,
    indecisiveness, or lack of knowledge/misunderstanding of rulings

•  -30p for EACH illegal play.
    Moves that intentionally breach standard rulings of YuGiOh!.

•  Testees have a 180 second ( 3min ) turn limit.
   -1 point for every turn that takes more than the allowed time.

•  +1p Win a duel with 6000LP or more.

•  +1p Win a duel without topdecking.

•  +1p Win a duel with 4 or more monsters on your field.

Section V
Duelist Etiqutte
5 points

Testees begin with 0 points

Insults/Spam.                                               -5p
Minimalist behavior.                                      0p
Displays good sportsmanship and respect.      +4p
Performs the luls                                           +1p each luls.

Section VI
Armityle Qualifer's Exam

The Qualifier's Exam consists of 10 questions.
Only Testees who qualify for Armityle Purple may take this exam.

Testees need to pass this final exam in order
to be placed in Armityle Purple dorm, despite their
combined score from sections 2-5. If they fail, they are
placed in Hamon Yellow.

Passing is 6/10

Section VII
Final Placement

Uria Red
33 and below

Raviel Blue

Hamon Yellow

Armityle Purple
61 and above.
Passed Qualifier's Exam.


Deck Build
Initial Points  10p
Frog Monarchs -0p
42 cards -0p

Total Points : 10

Match Duel
Initial Points:  30p
o-x-o   -10p

Total Points : 20

Duelist's Momentum
Initial Points 15p
Misplays: 1 -1p
Turns Over 180s: 1 -1p  

Won 2 duels with 6000LP or more  +2p
Won 2 duels without topdecking   +2p

Total Points : 17

Initial Points:  0p
Displayed Good Sportsmanship +4p
Performed Luls: 3 +3p

Total Points : 7

Final Placement
Total Points : 57

Welcome to
Hamon Yellow!

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Subject: Re:

New Testing Rubric


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