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 Dorm Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: Dorm Testing Rubric   #1

Dorm Testing Rubric 
      You must follow these guidelines or you will automatically fail the test. 
        1. No Stall/Burn/Mill/Deck out/Exodia/FTK or OTK decks 
        2. You MUST send your deck to the tester or an admin to verify your deck is eligible for the test.
3. If either party is to disconnect, then another test shall be re-scheduled, depending on the situation.
 Deck Analysis:
     Deck Structure 0/50 - Your deck will be analysed by the testers, which will look at key things like synergy and deck size, this will give you a score out of 50. Make sure to add an extra deck as that can increase you score.
Duel Analysis:
   The test will consist of one match.
     Duel Rounds Won 0/30 - Points will be added depending of if you win your duels or not. 
    Dueling skill 0/50 - At the Elite Duel Academy, we pride ourselves on having skilled members, testers will thoroughly test your skill level and give you points accordingly.
     Duel Sportsmanship 0/20 - Points will be rewarded depending on how friendly you are with the tester and other duelists.

Total Points: 0/180
0 - 120 (Uria Red)  
121 -140 (Raviel Blue)
141 - 160 (Hamon Yellow)
161 - 180 (Armityle Chaos Purple)
Also feel free to ask your tester for feedback on your scores and ask how you could improve, I am sure they would give you some advice.
Tester notes: Please post both deck names used in duels, as well as who won. You are also not allowed to use/send any decks sent to you by the members you are testing.

And Welcome To The Elite Dueling Academy, Enjoy your stay Very Happy 
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Subject: Re:

Dorm Testing Rubric


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