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 Card of the week: Week #1

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PostSubject: Card of the week: Week #1   #1

Card of the week
Week #1: Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste

Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
[Dragon/Fusion/Effect] - WIND
Level: 10
ATK/DEF: 3200/2000

1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster + 1 Warrior-Type monster
This monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon (from the Extra Deck). Once per turn, you can select 1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster in the Graveyard. Remove it from play, treat this card's name as that monster's name, and give this card the same effects as that monster, until the End Phase. While this card is in face-up Attack Position, any effect damage you would take from an opponent's card effect is inflicted to your opponent instead.

Extra card rulings:
1. If you properly summoned this card, you can special summon it from the graveyard later with "Call of the haunted", etc.
2. The effect to copy a Dragon-type Synchro Monster's effect targets that monster. Removing the monster from play happens at resolution, it is not a cost.
3. You can target a Dragon-type Synchro monster in your opponent's graveyard.
4. If you copy the effect of "Stardust Dragon" and then tribute this card to activate that effect, you cannot special summon this card back from the graveyard during the end phase.
5. If you copy the effect of "Majestic Star Dragon" then when you return "Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste" to the extra deck during the end phase, you will also special summon "Stardust Dragon" from your graveyard.
6. If both players control "Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste" and you activate "Ceasefire", you will take damage from your "Ceasefire"

Feel free to recommend a card to be card of the week.

Have a great day and enjoy the awesome power of the Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste.
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PostSubject: Re: Card of the week: Week #1   #2

My Suggestion: Effect veiler, Tyrant Throe's, Breakthrough Skill, Scapegoat, Magical Hats, or Injection Fairy Lily.

Meet my pet..... The Galaxy - Eyes Tachyon Dragon!!!.

Im Rakhalix The Galaxy - Eyes User!!!.
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Subject: Re:

Card of the week: Week #1


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