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 Getting EDA more involved in our channel

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Dn Name Dn Name : Adderhead
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PostSubject: Getting EDA more involved in our channel   #1

Alright guys, I have been trying to think about ways to get you guys more involved in our Youtube channel. I say ours because you guys have had a great impact and have done more than your part as far as recognition, subscribers and views. I appreciate the continued support and I plan on sticking with you guys for a very long time. With that being said, I think it would be just amazing to get you guys in on the action and more involved in the videos that I make.

Wouldn't it be awesome for you and I to find a good little multi-player game to partner on and check out? We can create videos of you and I chilling and trying to beat a game. I feel that not only will this bring us closer together as a community, but will leave a wonderful impression for the Academy to those who wish to join or check it out. If you're already a you-tuber then it's be a win/win for us both. We can both share our individual POVs and share our fans and viewers among the Academy!

The games I am looking for are but not limited to: RPGs, Comedic Games, Side-scrollers, Platformers, BAD Games, HORRIBLE games, Games that no regular gamer would even consider playing! One suggestion that I just cannot fulfill is League of Legends. Until I can find ways to get the right time to do matches uninterrupted and a descent video strategy, I am unable to successfully record LoL gameplay and for this, I apologize.

Leave your interesting and creative responses below!
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Warning : Excellent
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Dn Name Dn Name : rakhalix
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PostSubject: Re: Getting EDA more involved in our channel   #2

Well this is an awesome academy, SO WE NEED TO GET MEMBERS! Very Happy

Meet my pet..... The Galaxy - Eyes Tachyon Dragon!!!.

Im Rakhalix The Galaxy - Eyes User!!!.
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Team Team : Elite Duelists X
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Dn Name Dn Name : DeathAvenger
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PostSubject: Re: Getting EDA more involved in our channel   #3

League of Legends? Maaaan, are you even about that Smite life? 

"Till shade is gone, till water is gone,
into the shadow with teeth bared,
screaming defiance with the last breath.."
-An Aiel Oath-
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PostSubject: Re: Getting EDA more involved in our channel   #4

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Subject: Re:

Getting EDA more involved in our channel


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